ATM Security Stop Skimmer

Reliable solution against Deep Insert, Digital, Analogue and Stereo Skimming
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Stop Skimmer

STOP Skimmer Front

SPL Stop Skimmer

offers a reliable, high-quality and affordable solution against deep insert skimming, digital, analogue and stereo skimming.


StopSkimmer Schematic Diagram

STOP Skimmer on ATM

SPL StopSkimmer Features

  • Patented quasi-harmonic signal

  • The patented signal is proven to have no effect on the normal operation of the ATM

  • Works with DIP and motorized card readers

  • Works with all popular ATM and SST models

  • Dual antenna provides optimal protection against skimming

  • Faceplate design is complex and cannot be replicated by 3D printers

  • Faceplate has a narrow card insert slot for protection against deep insert skimmers

  • If area sensors detect cutting, dismantling of anti-skimmer or panel removal, the card reader is powered down

  • Remotely configurable via web administration panel


Patented quasi-harmonic signal

SPL StopSkimmer combines the patented signal and antennas to prevent data extraction. The StopSkimmer device uses a patented non-repetitive and non-cyclical random signal. The device emits an electromagnetic field that works on frequency, it creates a noise that is both unique and constantly changing, making extraction nearly impossible.

Dual antennas - Protection against stereo, analogue and digital skimming

The antennas are pre-positioned on the device to eliminate the risk of improper installation or movement during maintenance. The antennas are situated at different distances and angles from the skimmer’s magnetic head, preventing the recording and processing of stolen data. Both antennas emit a patented algorithm and unique method to create a quasi-harmonic signal modulated by a noise signal. As a result, it is difficult, at best and almost impossible to reproduce the field’.

Unique multi-planar shape - Protection against deep insert skimming

Deep Insert Skimming requires the use of excess space in the card slot to install the deep insert skimmer. The StopSkimmer’s faceplate card insert slot is narrow, preventing the ability for deep insertion. In addition, the complex shape of the faceplate makes it difficult to secure an overlay skimmer. While replication is possible, the exception being by 3D printing, the complex design deters criminals as such attempts at replication are extremely difficult.

Multi-vendor solution - works with DIP and motorized card readers

The SPL StopSkimmer solution is not card reader specific and works with all popular ATMs and SSTs.

Protection from «Deep Insert» Skimming Devices

Deep Insert StopSkimmer Protection Shape
Deep Insert StopSkimmer Protection
Protection from «Stereo Skimming» Devices

Stereo Skimming uses two read heads working in tandem to steal card data. One read head records the jammer’s noise and the other read head records the card data with the jamming noise. Through a process of elimination, if the attacker has both pieces of information, they can isolate the card data. They isolate the signal from the jamming noise by looking for patterns in the signal. The attacker seeks a pattern that can be extracted. Extraction is easier with any signal that repeats when being read.

SPL StopSkimmer prevents the fraudulent card reader from reading information through its patented quasi-harmonic signal, modulated by a noise signal. The SPL StopSkimmer is equipped with two antennas. Together the signal and the antennas work in tandem to create an electromagnetic field that changes the noise. The noise (wave frequency) is unique and both changes and prevents the fraudulent card reader from extracting card data.


Security Bonuses - Stop attacks in their tracks with self-checking methods

SPL StopSkimmer, over a ‘timed’ cycle, monitors the interference between the two antennas. If the antenna interference is not working effectively, a notification is sent to power off the card reader.

A further intelligent function intermittently monitors and calibrates the ATM area sensor, providing additional protection should an attacker power down the ATM.

Even EMV chip cards require anti-skimming protection

While EMV chip cards cannot be cloned, as long as they contain the magnetic stripe, the customer data can be compromised.


Member of European ATM Security Team (EAST)

Official partner of CashPhenix

Official partner of GMV

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